Supercharge your SAP migration

your migration

Navigate is the process intelligence platform that combines Process Mining, AI, Machine Learning and Data Science to manage your system migration by incorporating accelerators throughout the pre-migration, go-live and post-go-live processes

Accelerate your S/4HANA migration
with Navigate to improve time-to-value and
streamline your projects

  • Discover your as-is
    process in days
  • Compare with SAP
    standards and industry
    reference models
    get deviations
  • Measure adoption with
    real-time analytics
  • Facilitate process
    documentation and
  • Use our connectors to accelerate the mapping from and Legacy Systems
  • Improve your process mapping workshops with in-depth details about your processes
  • Stay connected to measure Business Performance and Continuous Process Improvement

Ready to supercharge your SAP migration?

Curb the risk

Outline all business process variants, basing your analysis on verified data

Visualize all process variants to be tested during system migration, to make sure no exceptions are missed

Gather process volume data to prepare for testing

Assess your process against SAP standards and industry conformance models.


with Navigate


Higher productivity by identifying opportunities for process automation & avoiding re-works


Savings by discovering inefficiencies during standardization


Faster end to end flow by using optimized process path

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